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Multiple Location

Point Of Sale -- POS Setting -- Location

Create required locations.
Code:  Code is short for your location. It will be used when display space is limited
Name:  Name of your location
Stock Control Order (online):  Order 1 location is the default online order stock. Stock will be deducted successively from location 1(stock control order 1), location 2 and so on. If any stock is deducted from a location other than location 1 then a transfer list to location 1 will be created. All online order will be delivered from location 1.
Location Admin Email: An email will be sent to the location admin email when a relevant transfer is created.
Description: More information about your location.
Contact Details: Contact details for each location. This can be used in various places. For example, receipt, contact information on front end, etc.

User location set up